VIP Tiers

At Floor Protocol, we recognize the diverse needs of our users and have tailored our VIP tiers to suit a range of preferences and investment strategies. Our VIP system is designed to offer increasing benefits and features based on the amount of $FLC staked, allowing users to realize the full Flooring Protocol experience.

VIP1: The Trader

Ideal for individuals looking to swiftly cash out their NFTs via auctions.

VIP2 - VIP4: The Liquid Investor

These tiers cater to users with short to mid-term liquidity needs, allowing them to access liquidity against their NFTs in Safeboxes for durations spanning weeks to months.

VIP5 - VIP7: The Collector

For the seasoned collectors who prioritize long-term capital efficiency. Shielded from price volatilities, members of these tiers can store their NFTs in Safeboxes for extensive durations, unlocking the liquidity typically tied up by floor prices.

Staking Requirements for VIP Tiers

Staked $FLC can be withdrawn anytime unless there are Safeboxes in use.

Infinite Safebox Duration for VIP3 and above

When Reserve Ratio is > 80%, VIP3 and above are able to lock their NFTs indefinitely regardless of RR fluctuation in the future.


Staked $FLC The number of tokens to be locked in the user account to maintain the VIP level.

Max Safebox Duration The maximum period of time that can be booked when renting or extending a Safebox.

Rental Discount The discount applied to the Safebox rental staking requirement.

Flooring Protocol's VIP tier structure ensures that every user finds a level that matches their strategy, whether they're making quick trades, seeking short-term liquidity, or investing for the long haul.

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