Goals and Solutions

In the future, Floor Protocol aims to list fractional μTokens representing prominent NFT collections on top centralized crypto exchanges.

For example, users could directly buy and sell μAzuki, μBAYC, μPudgy and other fractional tokens on these exchanges.

This integration with trusted mainstream platforms would enable easy onboarding into premier NFT projects in just a few clicks. New users could gain exposure simply by purchasing μTokens on familiar and secure centralized exchange sites they already understand and use.

By bridging fractional NFT ownership to popular centralized venues, Floor Protocol can bypass many of the friction points that currently impede newcomers. Trading along-side conventional crypto assets streamlines entering the NFT ecosystem for millions globally, then truly capturing the value of social impact NFTs have on the space.

We also aim to develop novel mechanisms for teams to share in their NFT projects' success using μTokens. Additionally, providing compelling incentives for liquidity providers facing risks is a goal, achieved by integrating with Uniswap V3 to direct fees to them on top of our comprehensive Liquidity Mining Program.

Ultimately, Floor Protocol envisions a future enabling anyone to partake in the upside of cultural NFT shifts. Open ecosystems lead to exponential creativity. Democratization is just the beginning.

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