A summary on what Floor Protocol offers


Floor Protocol has rebuilt $FLC into an Index Token reflecting major price shifts across blue-chip NFT collections. $FLC offers simplified exposure for investors seeking participation in top-tier projects through a single avenue.

$FLC Token - NFT Index

$FLC provides a straightforward view into the dynamic NFT market by tracking the performance of established blue chip collections as well as emerging projects with strong trajectory. It encapsulates the sector's evolution from early experiments to premier status.

Owning $FLC eliminates the need to research unfamiliar new protocols or speculate on unproven project roadmaps. The index constitutes projects exceeding high marks across metrics like trade volume, unique holder count, ROI benchmarks and volatility.

As prominent collections appreciate, $FLC consistently accrues indirect value aligned to their dominance. This calibrated methodology provides accessibility at all capital levels to partake in the historic NFT transformation currently unfolding.

µTokens for accessibility

μTokens are NFT fragments which are backed by over $124,000,000 in TVL. Invest in collections like Cryptopunks, BAYC and Pudgy Penguins which are normally inaccessible to most investors. Trade μTokens with minimal spread on fp.io or various CEXes.

Goals for µTokens

By listing μTokens of prominent collections on top centralized crypto exchanges, Floor Protocol envisions simplifying access for mainstream investors in just a few clicks.

Teams can also share in their NFT projects' successes through integrated μToken incentives. We look to position NFTs as the most vibrant and inclusive asset class by lowering barriers to entry through $FLC and μTokens.

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