Floor Protocol
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The $FLC token is the native currency that powers the Floor Protocol ecosystem. It unlocks and fuels customized platform utilities for all users.
Contract Address : 0x102c776DDB30C754dEd4fDcC77A19230A60D4e4f
Enabling Safeboxes
By staking $FLC in their Flooring Account, users can create personalized Safeboxes to reserve NFTs for custom time periods. Higher $FLC stakes allow longer max durations and greater benefits.
Unlocking VIP Perks
Staking $FLC also determines a user's VIP status tier. Higher tiers unlock exclusive perks tailored to strategies from swift cash-outs to long-term stability and collector retention. Incentivizing Liquidity Providers
The protocol rewards liquidity providers who add to $FLC and μToken exchange pools with $FLC mining rewards proportional to their share of the pool. These incentives robust liquidity vital for ecosystem growth.
Managing the Treasury Reserve
The protocol treasury accumulates a portion of all $FLC expenditures like fees and bids. These reserves help fund ongoing development, provide collateral, and maintain $FLC value stability. The treasury may also provide Eco-system contributor grants to worthy contributors and projects.
Maintaining Protocol Stability
Random Vault redemptions normally have no fees. But if reserves dip too low, a redemption fees in $FLC applies. This disincentivizes excessive withdrawals during periods of volatility.
Facilitating Events
$FLC is required to initiate protocol events like auctions and raffles. As the platform's native currency, $FLC also serves as a discounted bidding option during these events.
  • Auctions: Users can utilize $FLC tokens to place their bids on a wide selection of exclusive NFTs.
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In summary, $FLC constructs Floor Protocol's economic framework by incentivizing beneficial platform interactions. This enables a dynamic, utility-driven marketplace.