Floor Account

A Floor Account is similar to a personal digital asset portfolio, holding and managing various digital assets in a secure and organized manner.

Account Creation

A Flooring Account is automatically created when a user initially interacts with the Flooring Protocol. Each wallet corresponds to a unique Flooring Account, ensuring individual control and security for every user.

Account Components

A Flooring Account securely houses the following components:

  • Safebox Keys: These unique identifiers serve as proofs of ownership for individual safeboxes within the Flooring Protocol.

  • Staked $FLC Tokens: Users can stake their $FLC tokens within their Flooring Account, granting access to exclusive features such as the Safebox and various other VIP benefits.

  • µ-Tokens: When users deposit their NFTs into the Flooring Protocol, they are awarded µ-Tokens. These tokens are directly deposited into their Flooring Account rather than their wallet.


Users maintain full control over their Floor Accounts, including the ability to deposit $FLC tokens and µ-Tokens, as well as withdraw these assets back into their personal wallets.

To sum up, the Flooring Account serves as a secure and centralized location for managing assets associated with the Floor Protocol, allowing users to effectively navigate and make the most of the system's various features.

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