NFT Value by DeepNFTValue

Instant Valuation for your NFTs.

Floor Protocol is excited to leverage DeepNFTValue to provide users with estimated valuations of their NFTs before fragmenting them into μTokens.

The Importance of Accurate NFT Pricing

Determining the true current market value of an NFT is complex. Prices fluctuate rapidly and different NFTs within a collection carry varying premiums based on traits, history, and other factors.

Having an accurate valuation helps users make informed decisions when picking between our Vault and Safebox fragmentation methods.

  • For near-floor NFTs, the Vault provides easy liquidity by relinquishing unique ownership.

  • For NFTs with significant premiums, Safeboxes allow maintaining ownership rights.

Reliable valuations assist users in selecting the ideal fragmentation method for their specific NFTs.

Leveraging DeepNFTValue's Pricing Oracle

DeepNFTValue has developed advanced machine learning models trained on historical sales data, listings, traits, and other sources to generate real-time price estimates for NFT collections.

We provide the ability for users to get DeepNFTValue oracle estimates for their NFTs before depositing into Floor Protocol.

These valuations help determine whether an NFT warrants the added ownership benefits of Safeboxes or can be conveniently fragmented in the public Vault.

Seamless UX Integration

Retrieving DeepNFTValue estimates is seamlessly integrated into our fragmentation user flow.

Users simply connect their wallet holding the NFT. The NFT's key attributes are used to instantly fetch and display the DeepNFTValue valuation.

Having quick access to trusted pricing estimates makes it easy to decide whether to pick Vaults or Safeboxes based on the NFT's premium.

We're excited to leverage DeepNFTValue's institutional-grade pricing models to empower informed user decisions when fragmenting NFTs on Floor Protocol

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