Launch Pools

Launch Pools enable fair initial NFT distribution to loyal communities. Projects allocate portions of exclusive supply to $FLC holders through presale allotments priced in the governance token.

Presale ($FLC Pools)

Together with projects, Floor Protocol will decide supply segmentation will determine:

  • Number of NFTs entering Launch Pool event

  • Price per NFT Mint in terms of $FLC tokens

  • Duration of Launch Pool and subsequent claim phases

Presale Participation

$FLC holders subscribe for allotments during the active window by transferring the amount of $FLC amount into the automated pool contract. The amount they can subscribe to is uncapped and will increase the chances of minting more NFTs in this phase.

Subscribed amounts above the Minting Cost will be refunded to Launch Pool participants.

Claim Phase

Once the presale concludes, the claim phase opens for minting NFTs into wallet custody using the allotments. Unclaimed allocations expire after the duration, refunding subscribers.

Secondary Distribution

The remaining supply enters public sale channels which includes the Floor Protocol Vaults. You will be able to buy NFTs from Vaults with either μTokens or ETH.

Continued Retention Incentives

Many projects tie ongoing holder rewards into their launch economy, with payout structures based on metrics like ownership duration.

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