NFT Index Token

$FLC 2.0

Floor Protocol rebuilt $FLC as an Index Token reflecting major price movements in the NFT sector - simplifying exposure for all investor profiles seeking participation.

Upside Made Straightforward

Getting optimal exposure to high-potential NFTs historically demanded extensive research, technical know-how and risky speculation on unvetted ventures.

Clear Window Into a Diverse Market.

Owning $FLC allows charting the ever changing NFT sector through a straightforward yet credible format, similar to how ETFs, by design, only contain proven and successful companies.

Curating pools of Blue-Chip Collections

Similar to how the Market Capitalization of top companies in the stock market influences the trend of US indexes such as S&P500, the Total Value Locked (TVL) of NFT pools also affect the performance of $FLC.

The higher the Volume & TVL that a collection has, the more it affects the price of $FLC. For example, at the current moment, $FLC index would be affected most by large collections such as BAYC, Pudgy Penguins, and Azuki's price movements, while smaller collections have proportionately smaller impact.

How buying/selling µTokens affect $FLC

Rewards to Strengthen Smart Routing Pathways

Floor Protocol offers sizable liquidity mining rewards for trading pairs bridging $FLC to both ETH and fractional tokens of elite NFTs. For example:

  • µBAYC/$FLC

  • $FLC/ETH

This spotlighted incentive focus enhances trading efficiency by concentrating liquidity strategically to construct common routing pathways via $FLC.

As a result, when investors spend ETH to purchase µTokens, order flows follow low friction pathways like:


Rather than directly swapping ETH for µTokens, transactions get guided through algorithmic incentives to route via intermediate $FLC pairs - automatically embedding price impact.

The value of $FLC is locked into μTokens when there is buy pressure of NFTs. It is only reversed when μTokens are sold off.

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