Safeboxes uniquely allow fragmenting NFTs while maintaining ownership rights. They require a balance of $FLC staked to initiate. While using Safeboxes, $FLC is locked for the rental duration.

Safeboxes fragment NFTs into 1M μTokens, while giving the owner the ability to redeem the original NFT back whenever they desire.

When a user deposits an NFT into a Safebox, they receive:

  • 1M μTokens representing the floor value of that NFT's collection

  • A Safebox Key capturing the premium value of their specific NFT

For example:

  • BAYC floor is 30 ETH

  • The user's rare BAYC is worth 40 ETH

  • Depositing into a Safebox would:

    1. Generate 1M μBAYC = 30 ETH floor value

    2. The Key would be worth ~10 ETH premium

This segmentation unlocks instant liquidity through μTokens while the Key retains upside exposure.

How to Create a Safebox

To create a Safebox, users select an NFT and set a deposit duration. Longer durations require staking more $FLC.

Upon depositing, they receive 1M μTokens and the exclusive Safebox Key.

Only VIP users are able to create Safeboxes; Stake FLC to become a VIP.

Core Benefits

  • Maintain ownership of rare NFTs

  • Unlock floor value in liquid tokens

  • Retain premium value in Key

  • Tradable Keys

  • Customizable durations

Use Cases

Partially Actualize Floor Value

Deposit an NFT to receive μTokens representing the floor value. Sell some μTokens to realize this liquidity.

Retain Potential Upside

Still hold the Safebox Key to control access to the NFT and capture future premium appreciation.


Safebox Keys can serve as collateral for loans from knowledgeable collectors who deeply understand the value of rare traits and premiums. This allows borrowers to access capital without fully relinquishing ownership.

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