Earn with μToken Staking

Floor Protocol offers a compelling way for μToken holders to earn attractive yields on their fractional NFT holdings - μToken Staking.

Simple Participation

To begin earning, users just need to approve and stake their μTokens for as short or as long as they want. There are no complex strategies required.

Withdrawals can be initiated instantly without waiting periods, allowing flexible liquidity access.

With strong yields, diversification, and ease of use, μToken staking offers an attractive way to put your NFT fractions to work earning yield. The more active the market, the higher your potential returns.

How It Works

By staking their μTokens in the protocol's staking contract, users can earn a share of Dynamic Vault Redemption Fees based on their proportional stake.

For example, if the total staked μTokens is 100M, and you have staked 10M μTokens, you would earn 10% of the redemption fees generated in the Vault.

Attractive Yields

When market conditions lead to increased redemptions, the associated fees are directed straight to those staking μTokens as yield. During high activity periods, yields can become very compelling.

This presents a passive income opportunity on fractionalized blue chip NFT holdings, hedging against downside over a longer investment horizon.

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