Safebox Keys

Safebox Keys serve as unique identifiers and grant holders exclusive access to Safeboxes anywhere from 3 days to an indefinite amount of time.

Identification: Each Safebox is assigned a distinct Key when created, providing access and control over that specific Safebox.

  • Exclusive Access Privilege: The Safebox Key enables the holder sole ability to unlock and redeem the NFT inside until expiration. No one else can access the contents during this period.

  • Facilitating Ownership Transfers: Keys allow the holder to transfer ownership during auctions. The recipient becomes the new owner.

  • Extending Access Duration: Holders can lengthen the period of access by staking the required $FLC token fee to extend the key's expiration date.

While Safebox Keys can exist indefinitely they must be renewed before their expirations.

Safebox Keys provide exclusive temporary access to the NFTs locked within the Safebox by the holder. They uniquely identify each Safebox while facilitating ownership transfers through featured auctions.

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